They say you only get to live once and if you do it right, once is enough. Well, the question is how do I live it right? Should I get a manual to live this life right? Maybe I should.

To live this life right what must I do? Do I need fancy posh cars or oh-so-elaborate clothing, endless bank balance or some bungalows? And how much time would it take me to make all these things to become reality and for me to finally live this life right? Even seven lifetimes wouldn’t be enough. But I wouldn’t even waste one moment of it, running after things that will not satiate my thirst for happiness. Even if I stumbled upon a golden egg and became rich overnight, that still wouldn’t contend me. People run after their perception of being happy while not being happy at all. But for me, little things in life such as, The feeling I get when I hear a baby laugh, his cute chuckles that make me want to kiss the adorable little munchkin or when he holds my finger with his soft hands. That pure innocence the baby exuberates makes me feel giddy with joy.

Talk about happiness and not mention food? Preposterous! Being an absolute food lover, I must confide that I live to eat. The moment I get to taste it, I am spell bounded by the taste and flavours, enthralled at how much just a mere bite can make everything alright with my mood. Combine food and true companionship of friends and family on any occasion, be it small or extravagant, is always warm and comfortable. These few numbered people always Understand me even when I speak no words,  Knowing me even when I fail to understand my sentiments.

 My absolute joy is reading a book, being so engrossed in it that somehow I lose track of time and manage to finish it overnight. It feels as if the characters have come alive and I’m in a different dimension.

I don’t need to spend money to acknowledge or realise that these are the only things I need to feel blissful.

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